Lissen, the charismatic, charming, highly entertaining super duo, is setting the pace for the new era of music! From R&B to Hip Hop, even Rock, Lissen will surely stand out in the plethora of entertainers in today's industry! Viewing the world as one big "stage", Lissen demands and will command attention always where ever life takes us.

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Forever creating amazing music and memories for our fans to enjoy for eternities to come!

Lissen has very much grown since 2006 when we were formed by super producer Jason "J-Hott" Scott! Fine tuning our sound and style which consist of influence from Silk, Jodeci, Mint Condition, New Edition, Prince,and Michael Jackson, we have created the Lissen sound! Arico "Rico"Farrow, choreographer, writer, and self proclaimed comedian, is constantly progressing as an artist with daily routine vocal and dance rehearsal inevitably drawing him closer to his ultimate goal of becoming the greatest entertainer ofall time! Queres "Que" aka "Mr. Magnyphacent" Walker,producer, writer and vocalist is no slouch himself! Driven by his shear will to become the best all around artist, he is constantly creating new sounds writing and taking vocal lessons! Working off each other's strengths and weaknesses, as brothers and a unit, we will reach our goal of becoming a worldwide household name for years to come.

Our second album release" From the Club 2 TheBedroom" is set to have the streets buzzing with the Lissen brand. Gearing up to go on the "From the Club 2 the Bedroom" promo tour in the first quarter of 2014 Lissen is guaranteed to gain new fans and family. We will always strive to improve our sound, and become the next hot act so be on the look out for Lissen in a city near you!